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YOPmail, Disposable e-mail

YOPmail : Disposable and Free email address.

Add-ons - Widget

Firefox extension for YOPmail

This small extension will give you direct access to YOPmail protection from your Firebox browser.

It will add YOPmail to the list of search engines (top right in FireFox). Click on the small down arrow (Pull down menu) and choose YOPmail. Enter any email name of your choice and directly go that YOPmail inbox to check your mails.

Stay Protected Always, The easy way!

Thanks to Xhark (blogmotion.fr) for the idea and Add-on Design.

Firefox extension

Opera Widget

Download & install for Easy YOPmail access via a Opera browser. In Opera, open the widget and click the “lightning” button to generate a random address or simply type any email name of your choice. Next, Click the Mailbox button to open your YOPmail inbox in a new tab.


Install Opera Widget (Opera)        widget opera

Thanks to Thammas for the idea and widget design.